UO Realm Reborn is a free to play UO server that combines OSI-like Core Mechanics (Weapon abilities, Casting mechanics, etc.) with rebalanced custom and OSI-accurate content (Current and Custom Bosses, Pets, Artifacts, etc.) to create a game experience that emphasizes fun and balanced PvP, PvM and immersive roleplay events. Here is a general list of our features. Scroll down the page for a more detailed list.

UORR features the most balanced pvp of any server with an emphasis on OSI accurate core mechanics that have been tweaked for balanced and fun gameplay; The likes of which the realm of Britannia has never seen

UORR features a wide variety of fun Roleplay events; whether they be Player vs. Monster oriented with an immersive Storyline or Player vs. Player oriented; Epic challenges await those bold enough to seek glory

UORR features a fun combination of Custom and OSI Accurate Player vs. Monster content; whether it be the Dungeons you traverse, the Monsters you slay, the Beasts you tame, or the Treasures you claim for your own

Sounds great... but seriously, what does all of this mean?

Does it sound too good to be true? Take a look at a list of some of our major Features:

  • Custom Armor System:
    • Base resists of armor has been adjusted. All armor types no longer provide the same/close to the same total resist counts. For example, Platemail now provides more total resists than Studded armor, which provides more total resists than regular leather, etc. A fully detailed list can be found here: [Link]
    • In conjunction with more base resist variation, the base strength requirements of various armor types have been adjusted, so that  armor types with higher total resists generally require more strength (e.g. platemail generally requires more strength than chain mail; chainmail requires more strength than ring mail, etc.)
    • The inherent Lower Mana Cost property has been removed from all non-medable armor types.
    •  Non-medable armor types (not including wooden armor) have been given other additional benefits to wearing them. Each piece of blacksmith crafted armor worn by a character now increases the cap to their resistances by 1, up to a total of 6. Each piece of Studded or Bone armor worn by a character now provides a 3 hci and 3 dci bonus to their character, up to a total of 15 hci and 15 dci, that is not subject to the 45/45 hci and dci caps. These benefits to non-medable armor only apply to pieces that do not have the “Mage Armor” property.
  • Many magical properties have been removed from items (either temporarily or permanently) or given a different function.
    • Mage armor has been removed from looted/crafted items and for the meantime may only exist on select artifacts.
    • Splintering Weapon has been removed from weapons until a better use is found for it.
    • The Eater properties have been removed as a mod for non-shield armor types. When spawned, it will only exist on shields that do not have the ‘spell channeling’ property. It’s functioning has also been adjusted so that it mitigates damage more quickly and routinely.
    • Casting focus no longer provides a percent chance to prevent a disrupt while casting a spell, and instead now provides a % chance that any given damage spell that is influenced by sdi will have a 100 sdi bonus. This sdi bonus is in addition to a character’s sdi mod, and is also subject to the pvp sdi caps, making casting focus now primarily useful for pvm.
  • Weapons have received various changes to balance ranged classes with melee classes, two handed weapons with one handed weapons (with or without use of a shield), and weapons with highly useful weapon abilities against those with less useful ones.
    • Armor Ignore capped damage is now 40 damage for melee weapons and 35 for ranged weapons.
    • Ranged weapons no longer benefit a damage bonus from the strength stat.
    • Two handed weapons no longer prevent the use of resources that require an open hand (e.g. potions). This includes bows, but not shields when used in conjunction with a one handed weapon.
    • Weapons have had their base damages readjusted. Weapons with less useful weapon abilities and two handed weapons now have been given a higher base damage.
  • OSI Accurate Casting: UORR has the most OSI accurate casting of any free shard. It is still not completely accurate, but even in that regard it is arguably better.
  • Damage Healed and Damage Received are now taken into consideration when determining looting rights.
  • Mobile AI and pet behavior has been updated, and is now mostly OSI accurate. Generally speaking, pets are more responsive to their master’s commands.
  • Looted, crafted and imbued equipment have been balanced across all systems and eras.
    • The Runic Reforging system has been disabled.
    • The Runic Loot system has been removed.
    • The Refinement System has been removed.
    • Looted equipment now has up to a total of 6 maximum properties to compensate for the extra bonuses given to crafted gear.
    • Looted and Runic gear now overcap with certain mods (e.g. 10 mana increase maximum instead of 8), to balance these systems with imbuing.
  • Many artifacts have been rebalanced and/or reworked in attempt to make each appealing and useful. Many artifacts have also been reworked in an attempt to make less viable Classes more viable (e.g. Melee oriented Necromancers).
  • Many Classes have been re-balanced for pvp and pvm purposes, and reworked to make their overall performance more enjoyable.
    • The SDI Focus Casting system is now implemented. This system increases a character’s pvp sdi cap by 10 (e.g. from 15 to 25 sdi) when that character does not have 30 or more of another qualifying skill. This is to balance non-hybrid class casters with hybrid class casters. The skills for which focus casting applies are:
    • The tactics requirement for weapon abilities has been removed. This is to give melee based classes and casters with a weapon skill more versatility in how to build their templates, and to allow “tank mages” the option to substitute tactics for a more defensive skill.
    • Parry chance has been reduced by 10% for characters with 100 or higher parry skill and by 5% for characters with less than 100 parry skill:
      • Parry chance has been reduced by approximately 5%.
      • The 5% parry chance bonus for gm or higher parry skill has been removed. 
      • The maximum dex requirement for parry chance to not be mitigated has been lowered from 80 to 60.
    • Meditation now increases the healing damage of various healing spells, and active use of the meditation skill now increases mana regeneration to 300% of it’s normal value (up from 200%). These changes are to give meditation more relevance as the lower mana cost and mana regeneration mods become more available and diminish the need for a skill that increases mana regeneration. In some cases, the base healing damage of these spells has been slightly lowered.
    • Focus Skill now gives a 1 hci and 1 dci bonus for every 8 skill points a character has. with 120 focus skill. These increases are in addition to a characters regular hci and dci totals, and is still subject to the hci and dci caps. Focus Skill also now gives a damage increase bonus of (Focus Skill x 0.15) with a 2% bonus at 100.0 skill for a total of a 20% bonus at 120 skill. This damage bonus stacks with other damage bonus skills for weapons (e.g. Tactics). This change is to make focus more useful for weapon based classes. Focus also provides additional benefits to various spells, to make focus a more useful skill for various classes.
    • Chivalry has been heavily reworked to make it function better as a cross healing class, to balance it’s effectiveness for weapon based classes in pvp, to award players for investing more skill into chivalry instead of running low skill and high karma, to reduce and (and balance) it’s 1v1 surviveability with other classes, to balance it’s group surviveability with necromancers, spellweavers, mystics and bushido based classes, and to balance chivalry mages with non-magery based chivalry classes. These changes include:
      • The FC cap for chivalry spells is now always 4, and no longer capped at 2 for characters with 70 or more magery.
      • Close Wounds has a slower cast time, it’s range increased to 10 tiles, and it’s damage increased.
      • Cleanse by fire now has a slower cast time, it’s range increased to 10 tiles, and the burn damage has been increased for higher level poisons, to compensate for the high chance to cure.
      • Remove curse now has a slower cast time and consumes more mana per cast.
      • Holy light now provides the caster with a damage bubble that absorbs damage of all types up to a certain amount, or until the duration runs out. It has also had it’s offensive aoe damage removed, and has been given a cooldown time.
    • Necromancy has been reworked to balance necromancy based classes’ ranged burst damage with mysticism and focus mages, and to balance the viability of melee skill based necromancers with melee based chivalry, bushido, ninjutsu and mysticism based classes. These changes include:
      • Pain spike now deals more damage than it did prior on the first cast, but less damage than it did prior on subsequent recasts.
      • Corpse skin now reduces the maximum fire and poison resists of a target by 15, along with their current fire and poison resists.
      • Curse Weapon now deals an additional [amount] cold damage to targets when hit with the applied weapon.
      • Wraith form now gives the caster an ethereal hue, and does not change their form to one that cannot ride mounts. To balance this, the mana leech provided by wraith form has been nerfed from [amount] to [amount].
      • Vampiric Embrace garlic burn damage has been significantly reduced.
    • Spiritspeak has been given various changes to balance the surviveability of necromancy based classes with those of bushido, ninjitsu, chivalry, and mysticism; to improve the mana management of necromancy based classes with mysticism; as well as to make spiritspeak more useful as a stand alone skill. These changes include:
      • Spirit Speak skill now provides a lmc bonus that adds to the character’s current lmc but is not subject to the lmc cap. This means that at 120 spirit speak a character will have a 10 lmc bonus and can have up to a total of 50 lmc with items.
      • Spirit Speak now gives the caster mana when it steals energy from a nearby corpse, instead of consuming 0 mana.
      • Spirit Speak healing damage has been buffed when in various forms (e.g. vamp form) and when it’s use consumes energy from nearby corpses.
      • Spirit Speak is now cast-able while moving.
      • The Spirit Speak cooldown has been heavily increased.
    • Bushido has been slightly changed to balance its surviveability with other classes, and to increase it’s effectiveness with some uncommonly used secondary skills (e.g. focus). These changes include:
      • The Evasion cooldown has been increased so that players must now wait longer before reusing evasion.
      • Evasion buff now lasts 1 second longer if the character has gm focus, and another 1 second longer if the character has gm focus. This replaces the old tactics + anatomy buff to evasion.
      • Evasion chance to dodge a damaging effect has been increased to compensate for the nerf to parry chance.
    • Ninjitsu has received changes to increase it’s use with other less used secondary skills. It has also received some slight buffs to increase the viability of ninjitsu characters.
      • Deathstrike max damage has been increased from 45 to 50 damage.
      • Ki Attack now deals significantly more damage, has a damage cap, and paralyzes the target.
    • Spellweaving has received changes to make it a more consistent heal over time class, and to increase it’s viability with weapon based classes,
      • Gift of Renewal now has a significantly shorter duration, has had it’s cast time and cooldown significantly decreased, and has had it’s damage healed rebalanced.
    • Stealth has received some edits to make it more compatible with some other classes:
      • Bandaging one’s self no longer reveals a character
      • Using the ‘Spirit Speak’ skill no longer reveals a character
  • Potions have been rebalanced for decreased reliance, to increase the viability of using a shield as an alternative to keeping an open hand, and to balance the overall offense and defense of the server in pvp, in conjunction with the various defensive buffs to various classes. These changes include: 
  • Player Stats have been adjusted to promote more rewards and consequences when it comes to determining a characters stats, and to promote more classical roleplay roles and stat distribution:
    • The base hit points for any character prior to strengtb calculation bonuses along with any other bonuses has been increases from 50 to 95.
    • The hp bonus from strength has been reduced from 1 hit point per 2 strength, to 1 hit point per 5 strength.
    • Player maximum stats prior to any bonuses has been reduced from 230 to 200.

Sound too good to be true? Seeing is believing. Feel free to join and see for yourself:

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