Welcome to UO Realm Reborn! Plan to be immersed in a journey unlike any you have ever experienced! We are committed to providing our players with the greatest UO experience that they’ve ever had. Here we will provide you with a brief overview of what UO Realm Reborn is, what our plan is, and why we believe this realm is the one for you!

What is UO Realm Reborn?

UO Realm Reborn is a free to play UO server with an emphasis on fun, balanced pvp content and mechanics, fun and immersive story lines and events, and plenty of OSI-accurate as well as custom pvm content and items. We have spent years working on the mechanics and content to make sure we get it just right. We are committed to longevity and are in this for the long haul. We already have top quality core mechanics and OSI-accurate content (with some customization). We have also invested in a top of the line, professionally hosted server to ensure optimal performance and connection. Last but not least, this is a server by players, for players. So much has already been invested into this server and making a profit on it is our last priority. Our primary goal is to provide the greatest UO gaming experience you’ve ever had. We are fully committed to providing an enjoyable, lasting game experience, no matter what your play-style is. Want to heal your allies from afar with the holy power of a Cleric as they vanquish powerful bosses? Get your prayer mats ready. Want to fight your peers as a Necromancer Warrior Death-Knight of sorts? That is a more viable option than ever. Want to lose yourself in the immersive tale of Britannia? Toggle that in-game music option back on and get your acting prep-mirrors ready. We are going on an adventure and creating a new nostalgia, much like the first time you ever casted a fireball on a mongbat. Oh, how the sense of power was intoxicating!

What is the current state of the server?

UO Realm Reborn is currently an AOS server in the “BETA testing” phase. Much of the mechanics have been updated to an OSI-Accurate style (e.g. Weapon Abilities, casting mechanics, trapped boxes, etc.); but the content is currently mostly AOS with some customizations (Rebalanced Artifacts, Custom Dungeon Bosses, Custom Pets, Arena System, etc.). It should be noted that for the duration of the Beta-testing, much of the content has been temporarily disabled but will be activated for Launch.

What is the future of the server?

After the server launches, it shall remain an AOS server for a significant period of time before it is advanced to a SE server. The long term plan is to slowly advance the server through the different eras while balancing content before it’s added, removing bad content, and adding quality custom content. We plan to balance old content with new. For example, we removed the runic reforging and runic loot systems, balanced AOS loot and regular runic crafting with imbuing, balanced artifacts from all eras, made mostly useless artifacts more interesting and useful, and balanced various skill/spell systems (e.g. necromancy, mysticism, etc.) for pvp and pvm purposes. The goal is to make new content act as an alternative to old content, instead of completely phasing it out. The server could launch as a well-balanced TOL server; however, by slowly rolling out new expansions, it will give us more time to really polish these changes, to come up with quality custom content, and to provide players with a unique experience that is constantly changing.

In the past, there have been many servers with their own strengths and weaknesses that found their own little “niche” in the community. There are “era-based” servers which appeal to players who prefer a specific era and do very little to deviate from it, and there are “non-era-based” servers that continually change (i.e. highly customized servers). While both types certainly have their own strengths; the issue with “era-based” servers is that they are highly limited to the era for which the server is supposed to take place with little room for improved mechanics or new content; whereas the issue with “non-era-based” servers is that they are typically full of unbalanced content that is usually poorly implemented or of poor quality (e.g. useless or uninteresting artifacts, undesirable mods, etc.). UORR is unique in that it combines the strengths and eliminates the weaknesses of both types of servers. It will start in one era and continually advancing through others while rebalancing content, removing bad and only adding new content of the highest quality. In other words, the content added will be mostly OSI accurate with or without some balance changes; However, much OSI content will not be added at all, and some content will be completely custom.

Some examples of highly accurate content/mechanics include:

-OSI Accurate Casting; -New Arena system;  -Vendor Search; -OSI Accurate Pet AI;

Some examples of customized content/mechanics include:

-Various Class rebalances; -Functioning of Item Properties; -Weapon Ability rebalances; -New Pets/Bosses/Spawn; -New and Rebalanced Artifacts; -New Non-medable Armor System;

Some examples of removed OSI content/mechanics are:

-Various Item Properties (e.g. Casting Focus, Splintering Weapon, etc.); -Armor Refinements; -Runic Reforging; -Runic Loot system; -Armor Inherent LMC system; -Shatter Potions;

Note: Some of the content mentioned in this section has been disabled for the BETA testing phase of the server.

If you would like more specific information on the features of our server, feel free to click the link below to see our list of in-game Features.

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